…3 Secrets to manifesting with consistency, ease and speed …A manifesting process that works EVERY time, when you work it properly …Call in your BIG goals in 30 days (or even less) Highest Level Manifesting is a crash course in practical magic for high-achieving conscious women with BIG goals. Includes LIVE coaching, online rituals, and a private Facebook community filled with high-achieving rock stars using little-known metaphysical secrets to amp up their businesses (6-figures, multi-6 and even 7 figures), call in their dream homes, achieve their goal weight, fill up their investment accounts, and MORE. Get on the waitlist to be notified when we open again… 


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“My money house is completely in order, my income has tripled, and both my businesses are bursting at the seams! It’s crazy to think that if I had said no to my intuition, I would have closed the door on one of the biggest opportunities of my career… Instead, I am so thrilled to be celebrating an abundance of money and opportunities flowing to me and finally getting it into my bones that I don’t have to work so hard to be wildly successful.” 

Halle Eavelyn ~ Transformational Coach, Speaker & Author 

"I was blown away by the truth of Elizabeth’s teachings in the modules. It was all in alignment with the indigenous and nature-based wisdom that my business and personal philosophy are built upon, and Elizabeth makes these ideas very easy to integrate into your daily practices so I felt right at home. Working with these principles and practices has launched my work to the next level and opened up all sorts of abundance." 

Jocelyn Mercado ~ Founder of Sacred Planet, Transformational Life & Business Coach 

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