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“The Feminine Secrets That Make It Possible To Attract Awesome Clients, Command Higher Fees With Confidence And Consistently Create The Results You Desire In Your Business – Including More Money, Time, And Freedom – With More Ease And Flow (Instead Of Struggle)”

From Elizabeth Purvis, “The Marketing Goddess”
My cozy home office in Portland, OR
Monday, 9:40 am PT

Dear Phenomenal Woman Entrepreneur,

  • Are you struggling to attract the right clients to your business?
  • Did you get into business to create time, ease and freedom but all you’re experiencing now is overwhelm and overwork?
  • Do you know in your heart that you are a powerful force for change, but you still get stopped by thoughts of not good enough, not ready enough and “who am I to do this?”
  • Do you have a big mission, but are finding it hard to get it out there because you’re struggling with not enough team, time, or resources?
Elizabeth Purvis

Elizabeth Purvis, 6-Figure Marketing Mentor & Divine Feminine Entrepreneur

Goddess, I’m soooo glad you’re here! What I’m going to share with you on this page can help you completely turn all of those challenges around, quickly and easily – so you attract more clients, uplevel all areas of your business and feel confident and powerful putting yourself out there as the feminine leader you are.

So what’s this all about?

If you’re like most women business owners, you’re completely overwhelmed with the day-to-day operations of running your business. Even if you do have a virtual assistant on board, the to-do list is never ending: emails, ezines, autoresponders, calls with clients… (plus, you know, all that stuff you haven’t turned over to your assistant – yet. 😉 )

The problem is, you can be working like a dog and STILL be short on clients, time, money and peace of mind. So frustrating!

And I know because I’ve been there. Not long ago, I was completely at the end of my rope – both emotionally AND financially. I started my business because I wanted more money, to make a big impact and to live life on my own terms. The problem was, I had no freaking CLUE what I was doing!

So I promptly “crashed and burned,” quickly going through $30k in savings and living off credit cards. For two years I struggled until I realized…

In business, you DON’T get paid for working harder.
You get paid when you make things happen!

For two years I did all the “marketing stuff” every guru told me to do – the website, the free taste, the Facebook, the Tweeting, the ads in holistic magazines, the endless free sessions, the whole nine. I was exhausted from all the “doing,” and all I had to show for it was a ton of debt and feeling like I could never do enough.

What I didn’t realize is that in your business, it doesn’t matter how hard you work. What moves you forward are the OUTCOMES you create – the plum clients, the team you attract, visibility, speaking gigs, opportunities, partnerships… and of course MONEY.

Finally, I hit my breaking point – I couldn’t take one more day of struggle! So I made an all-or-nothing decision: to make my business work, no matter what.

In just 30 days, I’d manifested $20,000 in new and booked business – close to what I’d made in the entire year previous. (And here’s the real kicker – it was actually pretty easy.)

Then, a few months later, I created $20,000 in one week. Then $94,000 over the next 6 months. Then $240,000 the following year… and within 2 years of that “all or nothing” moment, I realized I’d created over $500,000. (All without previous experience as a coach!)

Would you like to know how I created results like these?

The “outer game” of my story is well known. That first $20,000 payday came about because I cracked the code on what it REALLY takes to get clients. Since then I’ve mentored hundreds of spiritual women entrepreneurs to make extraordinary money in record time by attracting awesome clients at fees higher than they ever thought possible.

But the “outer game” is just part of the story. Equally, if not more important, are the energetic and mindset principles that I haven’t shared publically before… until now.

I’ve learned the secret to creating the juicy results in your business – more clients, income, opportunities – with ease and speed… and I’m ready to share it with you!

The great news is, you have everything you need to create exactly what you want – already inside of you, right now.

You are a brilliant feminine creator. You have a feminine energetic body that is perfectly tuned to receiving. And in your possession are truly magical abilities that are waiting for you to claim them.

This is your Feminine Magic® – your Goddess-given power to create your results, your reality, and your life – exactly as you wish to live it.

Now, talking about magic in business might seem like a weird thing – a little “woo woo” or “out there.” (Though you will NEVER hear me apologize for the woo, dear Goddess, and you shouldn’t either.)

But consider this: it’s well known (even outside of “woo” circles!) that our state of BEING – our energetic state – is always affecting what we attract into our lives. How you manage your BEING will have a direct impact on the results you create.

You’re using your creative power all the time! But because nobody teaches you how to use it, you end up creating what you DON’T want: stress, anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration, and lack.

It doesn’t have to be this way! When you practice the art of Feminine Magic® – conscious manifestation, the feminine way – your whole way of BEING changes, to feeling so much more confident, joyful and ALIVE.

(Now doesn’t that sound more FUN than trying to configure your shopping cart yourself?)

All it takes is small changes – putting just a few of these
Feminine Magic® practices into place alongside
the practical, “outer game” strategies you’re already doing
to see results incredible results in your life!

And I’m living proof. 🙂

Since that “all or nothing” moment, I’ve used what I’ll teach you in The Art of Feminine Magic® to create results I never would have imagined possible before, including:

  • I’ve created close to $1million in revenue in just over 3 years – starting from scratch (I’d never had any experience in coaching or coaching-related fields before.)
  • I’m blessed to work with awesome, committed clients, including many who have doubled or tripled their incomes after working with me
  • Where I once couldn’t get anyone to pay me a few hundred dollars for coaching, private clients now happily invest a healthy 5-figures to work with me for 3 months.
  • I completely upleveled my life and moved cross country to the beautiful Pacific Northwest (manifesting beautiful “starter digs” in one of Portland’s most fashionable neighborhoods while my hubby Leland and I look for the perfect house!)
  • I invest in myself by hiring the best mentors, regularly attending life-changing trainings, workshops and seminars in 5-star locations
  • I take more time “out of the office” than ever before – including a full 6 weeks in 2011 (while my revenue increased 70%)
  • Where once upon a time a challenging situation would take me out for DAYS, I can easily bounce back from most emotional “triggers” in just a few minutes

I share none of this to brag, but to show you what’s possible. Because I’m here to tell you… if I can make this kind of shift, so can you!

Goddess, it’s sooo important that you understand these energetic principles – they’re at work in your business every day.

Because if you’re reading this, you have a mission. But you can’t serve that mission if you’re always scrambling, reacting to every situation, or creating “on autopilot” based on old patterns and negative beliefs.

What you need is to master your creative powers of manifestation and become the Divine Feminine Magician of your business – so you can easily create what you need, when you need it – from a place of confidence, clarity and grace.

These are the “secret sauce” BEHIND the nuts-and-bolts business strategies! Until now, I’ve only shared them with my highest level clients, and only then in little bits and pieces.

Now, I’m pulling back the veil and revealing all in this brand NEW training, just for women entrepreneurs…

AFM Banner

The Art Of Feminine Magic® is an all-NEW home study course that delivers a system to empower the woman entrepreneur create what she needs at will – be it new clients, income or opportunities – consistently and with ease.

It’s a series of energetic AND super-practical tools for spirit-led, mission-driven women entrepreneurs, to claim what they really want, move through the common mindset blocks that stop them from receiving, and create amazing results in business!

These are the practical, energetic and mindset principles that allowed me to go from super-frustrating low-five-figures (with tons of worry, working hard and burnout) to creating a multi-six-fig biz full of clients I love, with more time, joy and satisfaction that ever – all organized into a step-by-step system you can easily follow.

“So how does it work?”
The secret energetic principle behind
your Feminine Magic®…

At the heart of Feminine Magic® is the energetic principle of alignment.

woman-yogaYou may have heard the phrase, “Your thoughts create your reality.” While that’s accurate, it’s incomplete. Your state of BEING is what truly creates your reality – including your thoughts, your emotions, and your energetic state.

Of course, thanks to the way we are wired, maintaining that state of BEING can be a real struggle! It’s hard to stay focused on the positive when you’re being triggered or thrown off course by fear, doubt and confusion – all the things the ego sets up to keep us small, safe, and stuck.

Instead of trying to control your thoughts or emotions (which can be difficult to do!), your practice of Feminine Magic® is the practice of creating alignment in 5 key areas of your life: your desires, self-image, environment, connection to Spirit and actions.

By aligning each of these areas with exactly what you want, you create a space where you are truly supported. When you have “lined up” each of these areas…

  • Your desire, or what you truly want in your heart (as opposed to the “shoulds” or someone else’s plan for you)
  • Your self-image and confidence
  • Your environment (including your thoughts and feelings!)
  • Your connection to Source

…you create a powerful holistic system that allows you to create and maintain a state of BEING that is happy, relaxed, confident, powerful – the energy state that allows good things to flow to and through you.

Then, when you set out to create a result using the proven manifestation process I’ll teach you, it can happen easily, quickly, and with less struggle!

So what awesomeness will YOU manifest in your business
and life when you practice The Art Of Feminine Magic®?

You can use this system to help you manifest the results you’re looking for in all areas of your business, including:

  • Attracting amazing, dream clients who are a perfect match for you
  • Easily meeting and exceeding your income goals – monthly, quarterly, yearly
  • Receiving higher fees for your services – without resistance or feeling guilty
  • “Calling in” all the support you need, including attracting the right team within your budget!
  • Attracting opportunities to grow your business, like speaking, joint venture partners and more
  • More money for the things you want and enjoy, like vacations, a new car, a new home
  • More spaciousness in your business, including time off

Are you ready to put these powerful tools to work for you, so you can create more ease, freedom and FUN in your business?

Here’s what you’ll discover in detail
in this transformative course…
Class #1: Your Deep Desire: How To Let Go Of The “Shoulds” So You Can Say Yes To What’s Truly In Your Heart
business love

One of the biggest reasons why women struggle to manifest is that they’re actually chasing someone else’s dream.

If you deny what you really want, you will ALWAYS create what you don’t want. The problem is, women are conditioned to ignore, deny or feel guilty about what they really want, or say their desires are for “someone else.”

Hear me now, Goddess – Spirit gave you your desires to you for a reason. They are meant to pull you in the direction of your life path! Saying YES to your true desires is the first step to BEING in a state where effortless manifestation can occur.

In this module, you’ll get clear on your desires and have the confidence to move forward – even if you have no clue what you want, or have never given yourself permission before! You’ll discover…

  • Powerful exercises to uncover your Deep Desire – the desire of your heart which points you in the direction of your purpose
  • How to peel back the layers of the past and release the “shoulds” that keep you from claiming what you really want
  • Is a BIG vision leaving you paralyzed? How to take “baby steps” when your desires seem too BIG and too JUICY to take action on
  • How to break free of guilt and fear that keeps you from saying YES to what you truly want
  • How to confidently move forward and act on your desires, without disempowering the ones you love
    • Are you going for what you really want, or what you THINK you can have? Fun coaching exercises to stre-e-e-tch into unlimited possibility
      • A simple practice to stay connected to your desires, all day long
Class #2: Rock Your Confidence: How To Create A Strong Self-Image That Effortlessly Pulls You Forward

Imagine what it would be like to have unstoppable confidence in your fees and your skill set, to know that you can get amazing results for your clients, to feel powerful and deliciously ALIVE, even in “uncomfortable” situations.

That’s the power of having a self-image that is true to who you really are… and the woman you are becoming! In this module, I’ll show you how to create an empowering new vision of yourself that pulls you toward whatever you desire. You’ll discover…

  • My simple 4-step process to consciously create a new, authentic vision of yourself (based on your brilliance, not on your fears!) that is powerfully aligned with your Feminine and your goals.
  • The most impactful tool you have for regaining lost confidence and moving through “the fraud factor” (we’re rocking the Divine Masculine for this one!)
  • A virtually foolproof technique to channel your confidence in an instant – anytime, anywhere
  • How to feel prepared in any situation where you feel nervous or challenged (use this before any situation to ditch the fear and knock it out of the park)
  • The secret all powerful and feminine women know to “turning it on” – activating the core feminine energy that makes you confident, sexy, magnetic and irresistible
  • Simple exercises to shift the negative beliefswithout having to constantly monitor your thoughts
Class #3: How To Create An Environment That Honors Your Feminine Energy And Makes Your Success Inevitable

The secret to creating ANY result in your life or business is your environment. Why? Because human beings are hard-wired to conform to their surroundings – it will happen whether you want it or not!

Your environment is THE secret to creating your desired results, without struggle. That’s why what you’ll learn in this module is well worth the investment in the entire course.

You’ll discover simple systems to transform ALL aspects of your environment into sacred space that truly supports you in manifesting the outcomes you want, including…

  • The 3 distinct elements of your environment that dramatically affect your outcomes (your physical environment is just one – you may not be aware of how the other 2 are affecting you)
  • The deadly “environment pollutant” that’s probably poisoning your space right now, and the single most important step you can take to clean it up (the great news? It’s easy and painless.)
  • “But they’re my family!” What to do when the people holding you back are the ones you love most
  • What to do when you live “in the middle of nowhere” or otherwise don’t have access to the successful, consciousness-raising people who can pull you forward
  • Secrets to creating an environment that honors and supports your feminine energy, so you easily stay tapped into your personal creative power
  • How to make powerful shifts in bite-sized chunks, so you don’t get overwhelmed (I’ll show you what to focus on first)
  • How to create the beauty and luxury your feminine spirit craves – on a shoestring budget!
  • Steps to consciously create your environment so you can manifest without struggle and make your success inevitable
Class #4: Passion And Aligned Action: How To Fuel Your Goals Without Burning Out

The rumors are true – you can’t just sit back on the couch and eat Ho-Hos if you want to create success in your business. 🙂

The problem is, most women are filling their time and to-do lists with actions that are completely out of alignment with what they wish to manifest! So they end up feeling overwhelmed, depleted, and forever “behind” in a race they can’t win.

Your success isn’t about doing MORE or being “perfect”! It’s about taking the right action to fuel your goals and manifest your desires, every time. You’ll discover…

  • How to get out of the frenzy of “doing” that leaves you scattered, exhausted and depleted
  • The two powerful forces used by magicians throughout the ages to create lasting change
  • The hidden factors that are REAL source of your overwhelm, and how to break free of this damaging pattern for good
  • A simple system to make even the most complicated of decisions with ease, speed, clarity and confidence
  • Yes or no? How to decipher what your feminine body is telling you when making a decision, so you don’t mistakenly listen to the voice of ego over the voice of the Divine
  • A simple, delicious practice to eliminate one of the biggest and most common blocks to getting what you want
Class #5: How To Manifest Like A Woman And Master The Art Of Making Things Happen
money key

When you are in alignment, you are unstoppable! Once you know how to create and maintain a powerful state of BEING, it’s time to learn the secrets to manifestation.

In this module, I’ll share the manifestation formula that I’ve used over and over again to grow my business, fill my programs and consciously call in whatever I need next to fulfill my purpose. You’ll discover…

  • The REAL reason why your manifestation attempts may fail before you’ve even begun, and the simple step you can take to practically guarantee your success
  • The exact steps to take to manifest what you want or need, anytime (this is a proven system based on the fundamental, natural laws of the Universe)
  • The hidden fuel behind successful manifestation that “old school” magicians know (but hardly anyone talks about or practices today)
  • How to move through “the terror barrier” – the shenanigans pulled by your subconscious to keep you playing small and safe – with ease
  • What to do when it’s not happening – how to control the mental freakouts that will sabotage your efforts
  • The most important practice you can master in order to manifest ANYTHING with ease and lightening speed
Class #6: How To Stop Pushing Money Away And Activate Your Divine Feminine Gift Of Receiving
money faucet

Are you ready to receive? One of the biggest reasons why women struggle to create what they want is because they’ve set up big blocks to receiving. In this module, I’ll show you exactly what needs to be in place, on both a practical level in your business and on an energetic level (in your heart) so you can easily receive what you set out to create. You’ll discover…

  • Why receiving is “the wealth creation secret of the 21st century” (love that!)
  • The important relationship between giving and receiving and WHY overgiving actually disempowers those you’re meant to help, while leaving you exhausted
  • The 2 most damaging mental patterns that blocks the flow of receiving and how to release them
  • How to gently shift guilt, “not good enough,” “I’m not worth it” and other self-sabotaging feelings
  • 2 simple “real world” practices you can take to forever end BOTH feelings of “not enough” and the very real situation of not having money in your bank account
  • My favorite energetic exercise (that I give all my clients) to gently condition yourself to feel comfortable accepting more money
  • Tons of fun, simple practices to activate your ability to receive in all areas of your life!
Of Course I Wouldn’t Be ME If I Didn’t Include
Awesome Bonuses…
1. Audio Recordings Of The Entire Art Of Feminine Magic® Course

Call recordings are available immediately after purchase so you can download to your favorite listening device. Perfect for listening to again and again!

2. Downloadable Transcripts Of Each Call

I love taking notes. So I’m providing transcripts of each call for you. Read them online or download and print to access easily. Perfect for capturing ideas and “Goddess winks” you receive on multiple listens of the calls.

3. 2 Spotlight Coaching / Q+A Calls With Elizabeth

I know this juicy material is going to “stir the pot” for you – in a beautiful way! That’s why I’m including 2 coaching calls where I answer questions.

4. Downloadable Workbook, Including All Exercises And More
Open Folder

I’ve loaded this program FULL of breakthrough-creating, life-changing exercises. If you’re anything like me (read: a “journal junkie”), you’re going to want to do them again and again. That’s why I’m including a downloadable workbook with all the exercises, so you have them all in one place and work on them, any time you wish.

5. EXCLUSIVE Expert Interview Series!
Successful Feminine Leaders Reveal Their Secrets To Magic, Manifesting And Making Things Happen

It takes more than the “outer game” to grow your business, make money and create success on your own terms. That’s why I’ve hand-picked this panel of women – each one deeply spiritual and financially successful – to share their secrets on magic, manifesting and making things happen in their business.

These leaders were chosen because they truly “walk the talk” – using the energetic principles they teach about in their businesses every day.

You’ll learn from:

  • Kendall SummerHawk (Founder, International Association Of Women In Business Coaching)
  • Heather Dominick (Founder, EnergyRICH Coaching)
  • Gina DeVee (The Esther Experience)
  • Jeanna Gabellini (Master Business Coach & Co-Author Of Mastering The Law Of Attraction With Eva Gregory, Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield)
  • Eva Gregory (Master Coach, Founder of Guidance On Demand & Co-Author Of Mastering The Law Of Attraction With Jeanna Gabellini, Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield)
  • Jeneth Blackert (Founder of The New Wealth Experience telesummit & other consciousness-raising campaigns)
  • Kelly O’Neil (Founder, Kelly O’Neil International and spiritually based branding, strategy & performance coach)
  • Amethyst WyldFyre (Co-Founder, The Empowered Messenger & Entrepreneurial Spiritual Leader)
  • Christy Whitman (Founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, New York Times Bestselling Author)

If you’ve ever heard me interview experts before, you know I like to get straight to the rich n’ juicy stuff – with no holding back. The secrets, strategies and mindsets you’ll discover in this series ALONE will be worth MORE than your modest investment in the entire program.

Here’s a quick recap of everything you’ll receive when you join me for the Art of Feminine Magic® telecourse…
  • 6 in-depth training calls with Elizabeth, where she’ll personally mentor you on all the principles and exercises in every step of this system.
  • 2 laser coaching/Q+A calls, giving you the opportunity to receive breakthrough coaching plus receive “Goddess winks” (a-has and breakthroughs) while your Feminine Magic® colleagues are being coached.
  • MP3 audios of all calls.
  • PDF transcripts of all calls, for reading, taking notes, and capturing a-ha’s.
  • Downloadable Art of Feminine Magic® workbook, including all exercises and more.
  • BONUS high-content interviews with experts, Successful Feminine Leaders Reveal Their Secrets To Magic, Manifesting and Making Things Happen.

So what’s the investment? If you’re the kind of woman who likes to the numbers, consider THIS: How much is just ONE new client worth to you? Let’s be honest here: at only $597, even just ONE new client you attract with what you’ll learn can easily pay you back 2x, 3x, 4x or more the generously low investment in this life-changing training.

But the numbers are just one part of the story. What would more confidence, more joy, feeling more aligned with your mission, and more FUN in your business be worth to you? (For some women reading, the breakthroughs received and sense of purpose renewed from our class on Desire alone will be absolutely priceless.)

I think you’ll agree that you can’t put a price on this kind of transformation. And when you see that every new client, speaking gig, or game-changing JV opportunity you attract is gaining you new income, month after month, you’ll see that investing in this program today could easily be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your business and yourself.

So are you ready, dear Goddess, to discover how to master the art of Feminine Magic®, so you can create what you need at will and enjoy more fun, ease and confidence in your life and business?

Get Your Home Study Course Now!

As always, to put your mind at ease, I’m giving you…

My Personal “Goddess Word Of Honor” Guarantee

Straight up: this information can change your life, as it has mine. That’s why I’m so passionate about doing everything I can to support you in saying YES to yourself in this way. Plus, I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the value you receive in the program.

So here’s my invitation to you. Register for the program and if you’re not 100% thrilled with what you’re learning, just let my team know within 30 days of placing your order.

We’ll give you a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 30 days from your purchase. Use this credit towards any of my programs, trainings or events within one year. Please note since the digital version includes instant access to all recordings, transcripts, templates, scripts and materials, that no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we’re happy to offer you a full credit toward any other program. You have my word on it!

So are you ready to discover how to use feminine magic® to grow your business and transform your life?

Everything you want to create in your life begins with one thing – a decision.

If you’re reading this, you’re ready. So let’s get you started right now…

checkbox-purple“Yes, Elizabeth! I’m ready to learn The Art Of Feminine Magic®!”

Please enroll me in the home study course! I understand that I’ll receive:

  • 6 in-depth training call MP3 audios with Elizabeth, where she’ll personally mentor you on all the principles and exercises in every step of this system.
  • 2 laser coaching/Q+A calls, giving you the opportunity to receive breakthrough coaching plus receive “Goddess winks” (a-ha’s and breakthroughs) while your Feminine Magic® colleagues are being coached.
  • PDF transcripts of all calls, for reading, taking notes, and capturing a-ha’s.
  • Downloadable Art of Feminine Magic® workbook, including all exercises and more.
  • BONUS high-content interviews with experts, Successful Feminine Leaders Reveal Their Secrets To Magic, Manifesting and Making Things Happen.
I understand that The Art Of Feminine Magic® comes with Elizabeth’s personal guarantee. If I am not 100% over-the-moon thrilled with the information provided, I will let you know within 30 days and you will give me a credit towards any of your programs, trainings or events to be used within one year.
So Which Risk-Free Payment Option Would You Like?

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Elizabeth's signature

Elizabeth Purvis, “The Marketing Goddess”
6-Figure Marketing Mentor & Income Breakthrough Coach

PS: Remember, you’re investing in The Art Of Feminine Magic® at absolutely NO RISK to you. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain with the wealth of information, exercises and powerful practices I’m including. When you put even just a few of these techniques into place, you’ll experience SUCH a shift, so register now.

3 superstar private clients and one small group for a high five figure launch.”

“All told, I enrolled 3 private Diamond clients plus the small group for a high five figure launch. Most importantly, I felt empowered and supported by the structure and boundaries this new way of enrollment provides, and joyously stood as the leader in consciousness that I am.

A true paradigm shift – thank you!”

Danielle Rama Hoffman
9 high-end clients and my first 5-figure launch!”

“With a well-thought-out program and launch strategy in place, I immediately enrolled 9 high-end clients to create my first 5-figure launch. With two more since then,

I whizzed past 6 figures in only 9 months.

Finally, I can see a year ahead in my business, which means I can plan my cash flow! I know I’m good at what I do, but you helped me package and offer my expertise in a way that draws more people in. And I get the gift of serving them in a much deeper, more profound way.

All this has given me a feeling of not just financial security, but financial surety. That freedom is priceless!”

Sharon Desjarlais
“10 times what I used to charge…”

“Now, the hourly sessions are gone and I offer programs that are designed to ensure clients get the results they’re looking for. I’m running a group program for my birth control clients that costs 10 times what I used to change for my services, and they’re getting phenomenal results! Plus, I have clients stepping into my Platinum program and I only work privately with clients who are an energetic match for me. I’m bringing in double to triple the income, but with a lot less work and definitely much less stress.”

Amy Sedgwick
The best decision I’ve ever made!”

“I’ve booked 7 highly-targeted speaking engagements, held my first teleseminar, and have almost doubled my list. Even more exciting is that I enrolled my first two VIP Day clients, and created over $2700 of income in just one month, which for me is a milestone!

I am overflowing with gratitude for Elizabeth’s wisdom, compassionate guidance & support, and the support of the other amazing women in the program with me. I’m especially grateful that I found the courage to make this investment in myself and my business – it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Michelle Leath
“The most cash ever in the shortest period of time:
 $45,000 in 60 days.”

“In the 60 days I’ve been working with Elizabeth, I’ve generated the most cash I ever have in the shortest period of time – $45,000 in 60 days. I have a 12-month cash flow plan that far exceeds any goals I would have set by myself. I’ve created my first Platinum group and will be stepping into some very big things this year, like hosting my first event.

With Elizabeth holding a space for me to step into, I feel 1000% more confident that I can be successful. I know I have someone who is shining a light for me as to where to go. I have great clients, and for the first time, my business is positioned to grow with a plan that feels right to me. Best of all, I’m achieving my goal of going “full-time” in my business, a decision I’d been delaying for 2 years!”

Bonita Richter

About Your Mentor, Elizabeth Purvis

Elizabeth Purvis is a mentor to hundreds of spirit-driven women entrepreneurs around the world, empowering them to make the money they deserve while being of service in the highest way, so they can be the Divine Feminine Leaders they are meant to be.

Known for blending heart-centered sales, Internet marketing, spiritual principles and Universal Law, Elizabeth delivers simple ways for coaches, consultants, practitioners and healers to double or triple their revenues by creating multiple streams of income and enrolling ideal clients at higher fees.

Elizabeth is the creator of a number of bestselling systems including Get Clients In 30 Days!, Client Enrollment Secrets, Platinum Program Secrets: How To Create 6 Figures In Record Time With Deeply Transformational, Highly Profitable High-End Coaching And Mentoring Programs, and Goddess Business School®, her signature training program combining proven 6-figure business and marketing strategy, money breakthrough coaching and Divine Feminine principles.

As a mentor and online entrepreneur, Elizabeth created her first 6-figure income in under 6 months as a certified coach, then went on to create over half a million dollars in revenue in just 2 years. Using her systems, Elizabeth’s clients and students have achieved phenomenal results, including quadrupling their incomes in just a few short weeks, multiple 5-figure launches, launching and filling their own high-end programs, and more. She is the recipient of the 2011 Outstanding Achievement in the Business of Coaching Award from the International Association Of Women In Business Coaching (IAWBC).

Above all, Elizabeth is passionate about empowering women to use the path of spiritual entrepreneurship to create their lives exactly as they wish to live it – on their terms. She and her clients are living examples that you can make great money doing what you love and have a rich spiritual life at the same time. Find out more about Elizabeth and download your free action guide, 3 Insider Secrets To Creating, Marketing And Filling High-End Programs, at http://www.MarketingGoddess.com.

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