Join The Circle And You’ll Be Celebrated By High-Achieving, Ambitious Spiritual Women Like You As You Manifest Your BIGGEST Goals, Month After Month… 

  • YES, Elizabeth, I’m ready to STOP missing the mark on my BIG goals and settling for LESS success than I know I’m meant to have.  I want to finally allow in MORE and manifest the BIG stuff consistentlywhile creating long-lasting, impactful connections with high-achieving Feminine Magicians like me. 

Here’s what you’re getting: Immediate access to The Circle, the premiere manifesting community for success-minded, conscious women entrepreneurs and high-achievers.   

You’ll join us during High Growth Season, when together we’re all going for a MAJOR manifestation – such as consistent $20k-$50k-$100k months, doubling profits, weight release of 20-50-100 lbs, writing/directing/producing a major creative project such as a book or a film, etc.   

You’ll use Elizabeth’s well-tested manifesting process AND the collective momentum of your Circle sisters to allow in at least one BIG goal – while mastering the art of consistent (and often even instant) manifestation ongoing. 

As you “plug in” to this vortex of unconditional support from high-achieving, ambitious spiritual women, you will… 

  • Confidently CLAIM at least one MAJOR manifestation (such as a $20k-$50k-$100k money goal, dream house, soulmate) or transformation (such as weight release, clearing debt, etcto call in during High Growth Season.  You’ll practically eliminate the old inner conversation of “can I really be/do/have that?” as you embody the Highest Level Version of You that already exists, for whom it is already DONE. 
  • Dissolve your biggest potential blocks to receiving your goal, even AS you get started (and thus all but ensuring your inevitable success) 
  • Download “The How” and call in whatever you require or Desire or BETTER, using the Core Manifesting Process®, Elizabeth’s proprietary framework for consistent manifesting of big results
  • Anchor IN in your Highest Level Frequency, the unique-to-you energy STATE that empowers you to manifest instantly and on command, using a simple ritual that takes as little as 10 minutes a day 
  • Consistently attract the hidden opportunities (usually reserved for others) to collapse time and allow in your manifestation as quickly as possible.    

    Major manifestations can and DO take more time, as they require moving through the slower energies of the 3D plane.  However, by magnetizing the opportunities to have your manifestation NOW (that ALREADY exist in your field, as per Universal Law), you’ll discover how to attract or create your BIG goals in a fraction of the time that conventional wisdom says they “should” take.  

    Don’t be surprised if your spouse, family or colleagues are left in awe of your new levels of success and how you “made it happen” that FAST.  ;)   
  • Take aligned action with ease. You’ll trade the grind of striving, inner “friction” and relentless chatter from your inner critic for knowing exactly which actions will ACTUALLY move the needle – and take those actions with speed and confidence. 
  • Master the ESSENTIAL manifesting skill of “staying in the room” staying the course when your subconscious mind is FREAKING OUT and causing drama to blow up around you (you’re NOT being “tested” by the Universe – you are very close to allowing in what you are choosing) 
  • Manifest additional “mini miracles” on the way to your BIG goals – for example, the soulmate $25k client signing up out of the blue, an “extra” $10k-$50k in sales or check in the mailbox, meeting the “perfect person” while in line at Starbucks, etc.  All those miracles and demonstrations that make your manifesting practice FUN and further anchor in just what a badass magician you are! 
  • Accelerate your results using the MOMENTUM created by a group of high-achieving women who are all working their magic and going for their BIG goals at the same time 
  • Play FULL OUT while being unconditionally celebrated, supported and loved up by your Circle of manifesting sisters…  

… all the way to the successful manifestation of your High Growth Season goal, and many MORE. 

PLUS, you’ll have a backstage pass as Elizabeth calls in HER next MAJOR Manifestation. You’ll see exactly what she’s doing, observe how she thinks, witness firsthand when she course-corrects, and track her progress as she “finishes the job” and drops the last 37 pounds of an epic 100-pound weight release goal.   

She’s right there IN IT with you, and you’re free to “borrow” (put into action) what you see her doing, if it’s aligned for YOU, as she allows in this latest transformation, in real time. 

Your Annual (12-Month) Membership in The Circle also includes The 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan – Elizabeth’s daily manifesting practice that puts the Core Manifesting Process® on autopilot, monthly New Moon Rituals where Elizabeth will guide you through magic that uses that month’s unique astrological influence to amplify your results, PLUS you’ll get monthly coaching opportunities with Elizabeth (both recorded if you can’t make it LIVE).  And of course you’ll be included in our PRIVATE Facebook community for Circle members, where Elizabeth hangs out and most of the action goes down. 

And oh yeah – as EXTRA motivation (and because Elizabeth loves shopping for her clients ;) ), you’re eligible to win monthly PRIZES, such as crystals, magical tools, and adornment (jewelry, shawls, etc)… when you do your manifesting practices and show up in our Facebook group! 

PLUS… We’re Gifting The Next 100 Circle Members With An Additional $12,494+ in BONUSES… 

BONUS #1: Immediate Access To The Home Study Edition of The School of Manifesting (Value: $5000++).  The original deep-dive training on The Core Manifesting Process® - Elizabeth’s proprietary framework for consistent, predictable manifesting on command.   

Discover the secrets to creating CONSISTENT manifesting results, using the Laws of the Universe and ancient metaphysical tools – all in a framework that fills in the crucial gaps that mainstream “Law of Attraction” teachings leave out.   

Developed over 10 years and put to the test on countless major manifestations in Elizabeth’s own life (7-figure business, saving her marriage, the birth of her daughter, debt release, weight release, and many paydays of $20k-$50k-$500k+), the Core Manifesting Process® is the “secret sauce” behind the manifesting success of thousands of her clients and students women worldwide.   

Your access to the School of Manifesting includes 3 of Elizabeth’s “Specific Manifestations” trainings, including How To Manifest Money In 7 Days Or Less (Value: $997), The Art of Creating Your Tribe: How to Call in Friends, Lovers, and Support Team (The “Manifesting the Perfect People” training) (Value: $997), and Manifesting Freedom From Debt (Value: $197++). 

NOTE: The School of Manifesting materials are now off the market as Elizabeth prepares to teach the next version of the training (see below).   Therefore, this is currently the ONLY way to get your hands on this well-tested and demonstrated-to-work manifesting system.  

BONUS #2: How To Manifest Your Big Delicious Audacious Goals training series with Elizabeth. (Value: $1997+)   Manifesting a BIG and truly significant Desire of your heart can happen much more quickly, and with much greater ease… when you know how to surrender to the process of allowing it in. 

In this training series (delivered LIVE in our private Facebook community in easy-to-digest pieces), Elizabeth will transmit specific tools, practices and frequencies for dropping the ego’s resistance, so you can allow in the BIGGER goals that are currently out of your comfort zone. 

Elizabeth will also lay out the exact process she follows when manifesting any BIG goal or manifestation, including how to illuminate the “stopping points” your other-than-conscious mind wants to lure you into… and how to sail through them with ease, speed and compassion for yourself. 

BONUS #3: How To Take Action In The Face of Massive Fear (Value: $497) It’s not “if” fear is going to show up when you’re going for something big – it’s WHEN and HOW it will show up.  But the dream-killer of FEAR will be no match for you, when you know the 4 Types of Fear and how to release each and Elizabeth’s most effective exercises for melting resistance on the spot.  And for those moments when your subconscious mind throws you a curveball, you’ll get Elizabeth’s Mindset Shift Meditation for “returning to center” quickly and easily. 

BONUS #4: Join Us LIVE For Highest Level Manifesting – aka “School of Manifesting 3.0”! (Value: $5000+)   After teaching The Core Manifesting Process® to over 1000 women (and some awesome men), Elizabeth has identified THE most effective practices for each step in the process.  Many of these have emerged organically over these last 3 years (in her work with clients) and are NOT included the current School of Manifesting training.   

That’s why beginning in June 2019, Elizabeth will be teaching an all-NEW edition of The School of Manifesting – LIVE and under the new name, Highest Level Manifesting.  You’ll get access to the LIVE training and all recordings as a very special LIMITED bonus, when you step into The Circle now. 

My Invitation To You… 


Take a FULL 90 DAYS to manifest with us in The Circle.  If after giving this work an honest shot  (this means actually DOING the practices AND taking aligned actions on the opportunities that come to you),  you haven’t manifested results, or haven’t made progress towards your High Growth Season goal, simply send us a list of all that you’ve tried, and we’ll happily refund 100% your money. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: We require the completed 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan (which you’ll receive as part of your membership benefits) and a list of the work you’ve done before refunding. Why? Because we know that if you sincerely work the program, you’ll get results. It’s that simple. 


That’s how much I stand by this work, and how much I believe in YOU to create the success you Desire. 

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