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The Feminine Magic School of Manifesting: Tired of Not Getting the High-End Clients You Want?

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Have you ever wondered why some people are able to charge $5,000 or $10,000 for a program, or even a single day… and easily enroll clients who will pay that?

Are you ready to be one of them?

After launching 12+ of my own high-end programs and mentoring hundreds of women (and awesome guys!) to do the same, I’ve got the formula. I’m laying it all out, step by step, in this free workshop

Dr. Carla Stokes, Teen Girl Mentor & Speaker:

“I enrolled two new clients in less than 24 hours and generated what I used to make in one YEAR when I was working full-time and running my nonprofit.”

Britney Gardner, Brand Strategist & Photographer:

“I've tripled my overall income (less than a year later) and am positively looking forward to more in the future.”

Attend Live, and You’ll Discover…

  • Why creating a premium level of service is absolutely required for you to make your greatest impact (and why clients WILL invest with you, even if your work is more “inner game”)
  • The 7 "big picture" steps of launching your program
  • The #1 reason why high-end programs flop - and how to get back on track (if you've ever wondered "why aren't they signing up?" this is for you)
  • The one thing you MUST put into place to practically guarantee the success of your launch
  • A super-simple breakdown of EXACTLY what to do, week by week, to create, market and fill your program
  • Inspiring stories of women just like you who have filled their programs (including those who DON'T teach on how to make money)

Training with:

Elizabeth Purvis

Elizabeth Purvis is the leading expert on high-end programs and money breakthroughs for conscious women entrepreneurs, having taught high-end strategies to 1000+ women around the world since 2009.

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