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“The Art of Feminine Magic® :
How To Move Forward Through Fear, Rock Your Natural Confidence And Consciously Call All The Clients, Income And Opportunities You Desire – With Feminine Style”

All-New *FREE* Training Call
with Elizabeth Purvis, “The Marketing Goddess”

Do you find it hard to play BIG and be the leader you’re meant to be because you’re too busy trying to get clients, drum up income… or just get it all done?

Most women don’t know that there’s a specific energetic principle that makes the difference between struggling in overwhelm and creating the results you desire with ease and flow.

This secret is at the heart of activating your Goddess-given ability to create what you need at will – your feminine magic® – and I’ll be sharing it with you on this brand new FREE teleseminar. You’ll discover:

  • The secret reason why “attraction” can feel like work, and what to do instead to create results with ease and flow (instead of struggle)
  • Why conscious manifestation is a practice you MUST master to run a spirit-rich business, just like marketing and sales
  • The #1 biggest roadblock that stops women entrepreneurs from allowing more clients, more income, more positive attention and more opportunities into their lives
  • Feminine secrets to becoming magnetic to awesome, high-paying clients
  • The 1 simple step you can take each day to attract an overflow of new clients and opportunities to your business – starting right now
  • How to go from “accidental creator” to being the Divine Feminine Magician of your business and life – so you can claim your space, impact more lives and make more money doing what you love

If you can’t make the training call, be sure to register anyway, because I’ll send the recording of the call directly to your inbox.

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Bright blessings, massive success and LOVE!

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Elizabeth Purvis, “The Marketing Goddess”
6-Figure Marketing Mentor & Income Breakthrough Coach

PS: You’ll also be the first to get the details on my brand NEW teleseminar training, The Art of Feminine Magic®  for Entrepreneurs, where I’ll be teaching in detail the secrets to mastering the art of creating what you need (or want!) in your business, consistently and without struggle. These are the practical, energetic and mindset principles that allowed me to go from near-zero to over $500,000 in revenue in just two years, organized in a step-by-step system you can easily follow.

You won’t want to miss out on this call – it’s completely FREE. And while I would love for you to continue learning from me in my complete program, you can get excited because I’ll be handing you the basics on this FREE training, including powerful exercises and super-practical information that you can use right away. So be sure to register for the call now while it’s fresh in your mind – you’ll get the recording, too.

3 superstar private clients and one small group for a high five figure launch.”

“All told, I enrolled 3 private Diamond clients plus the small group for a high five figure launch. Most importantly, I felt empowered and supported by the structure and boundaries this new way of enrollment provides, and joyously stood as the leader in consciousness that I am.

A true paradigm shift – thank you!”

Danielle Rama Hoffman
9 high-end clients and my first 5-figure launch!”

“With a well-thought-out program and launch strategy in place, I immediately enrolled 9 high-end clients to create my first 5-figure launch. With two more since then,

I whizzed past 6 figures in only 9 months.

Finally, I can see a year ahead in my business, which means I can plan my cash flow! I know I’m good at what I do, but you helped me package and offer my expertise in a way that draws more people in. And I get the gift of serving them in a much deeper, more profound way.

All this has given me a feeling of not just financial security, but financial surety. That freedom is priceless!”

Sharon Desjarlais
“10 times what I used to charge…”

“Now, the hourly sessions are gone and I offer programs that are designed to ensure clients get the results they’re looking for. I’m running a group program for my birth control clients that costs 10 times what I used to change for my services, and they’re getting phenomenal results! Plus, I have clients stepping into my Platinum program and I only work privately with clients who are an energetic match for me. I’m bringing in double to triple the income, but with a lot less work and definitely much less stress.”

Amy Sedgwick
The best decision I’ve ever made!”

“I’ve booked 7 highly-targeted speaking engagements, held my first teleseminar, and have almost doubled my list. Even more exciting is that I enrolled my first two VIP Day clients, and created over $2700 of income in just one month, which for me is a milestone!

I am overflowing with gratitude for Elizabeth’s wisdom, compassionate guidance & support, and the support of the other amazing women in the program with me. I’m especially grateful that I found the courage to make this investment in myself and my business – it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!”

Michelle Leath
“The most cash ever in the shortest period of time:$45,000 in 60 days.”

“In the 60 days I’ve been working with Elizabeth, I’ve generated the most cash I ever have in the shortest period of time – $45,000 in 60 days. I have a 12-month cash flow plan that far exceeds any goals I would have set by myself. I’ve created my first Platinum group and will be stepping into some very big things this year, like hosting my first event.

With Elizabeth holding a space for me to step into, I feel 1000% more confident that I can be successful. I know I have someone who is shining a light for me as to where to go. I have great clients, and for the first time, my business is positioned to grow with a plan that feels right to me. Best of all, I’m achieving my goal of going “full-time” in my business, a decision I’d been delaying for 2 years!”

Bonita Richter
Yes, Elizabeth, please register me for this
FREE  Art Of Feminine Magic® training call!