Introducing a comprehensive program to FULLY develop your feminine power to manifest in every area of your life!


My dear Goddess…

Do you ever wonder why manifesting your biggest goals and dreams just seems so bleepin’ HARD?

If you’re like the thousands of women I’ve mentored over the years, you’ve already got it going on. You’ve done a lot of work on yourself.

Yet manifesting, consistently and easily, in really BIG ways, is something you haven’t been able to master... yet.

Or maybe you’re like I was a few years ago – you have “success,” on the outside. But on the inside, you’re restless. That inner voice is nudging you – sometimes screaming at you – that there is MORE for you… but you don’t know how to manifest it!

Elizabeth Purvis,

Creator of Feminine Magic®

And let’s face it – it’s just not FUN when you’re spending 90% of your time in your masculine – working your bum-bum off… while other women are out there making money, losing weight, calling in their soulmate, traveling the world – making it all look so easy.

If this rings true for you, I’m so glad you’re here.

Magic has a way of calling us to the right place at the right time. You found your way to this page because you’re ready to receive all that is waiting for you.

What if you could master your Divine ability to manifest

anything you truly Desire, in any area of your life… consistently?

I’m living proof that you CAN do exactly that.

Your Feminine Creative Power – your ability to create exactly what you Desire – is already yours by birthright.

And despite what anyone may say, you’re NOT wrong for wanting MORE: more money, more pleasure, more of the great things in life.

You're also NOT wrong for wanting the process of getting it to be easier, too.

Society conditions us to "be grateful for what we have," but the truth is that you were BORN with your longing for more.

​Joseph Campbell called it your Bliss. Wallace Wattles (who wrote the book behind The Secret) calls it “the urge for more life.” I’ve heard psychologists and neuroscientists call it “the evolutionary impulse.”

I simply call it Desire.

Your Desire is inborn, primal, and never goes away. Ultimately, it exists for your growth. To point you in the direction of your destiny.

You should know that the Universe is designed for harmony, for ease.

When we follow our Desires and learn how to manifest them, we authentically move toward our highest good (and the good of others) … like magic.

(That’s right. Magic. I use that word purposefully.)

Magic is the art of creating change in alignment with your
Essence, your Higher Self, your True Will.

It’s the return to your Divine nature, so you can create
EXACTLY the life you want (and are meant) to live.

Magic may very well be the oldest personal development modality on the planet. The ancients used magic to transform their inner world, so it would show up in the outer world.

And even thought it’s wildly misunderstood and has been shrouded in secrecy, magical principles are at the foundation of so many of the personal growth and success strategies we’re aware of today.

(You can look in a book like Think and Grow Rich – widely considered the bible of personal success, and find the SAME teachings in books of magic that date back to the 16th century.)

So why use real magic over “traditional” manifesting methods?

Because it works.

And it works better than anything else I’ve ever studied and practiced.

Feminine Magic®—magic incorporating the feminine power of creation—is my “secret sauce” – the secret practice behind WHY I am able to consistently manifest whatever I set my sights on, whether it’s results in business (like $5 million in sales in just a few years), money to work with mentors, opportunities, homes, cars… I’ve also used it for some big personal stuff, including releasing over 6-figures worth of credit card debt, transforming my marriage and calling in our daughter, Brigit. And that’s not counting what our clients have done, using the same practice.!

Magic WORKS… when you use it properly. And that is pivotal.

When used properly, magic is taken out of the realm of fantasy – and becomes a process of manifestation that is systematic, repeatable, and consistent. This is why I’m so excited to bring it to you!

The REAL reason why you don’t have what you want … YET.

(In other words, why you can do all that healing work and still
get stuck, plateau, and fail to manifest the BIG stuff.)

Magic teaches us that we all come from the Divine and are of the Divine. Which means we have spiritual power in spades.

But because we are “spiritual beings having a physical experience,” we are also born with very human wiring that blocks us from experiencing our Divine nature.

The ego’s job is to keep love, safety and belonging intact, which means it’s great at keeping us scared, and creating confusion in the form of drama that often sounds like “I'm not good enough,” “What will people think,” and results in overwork and overwhelm.

This is why, despite years of doing inner work, you still get stopped by the same old patterns… or why, when you’re on the verge of manifesting something BIG, you “sabotage” your results at the very last second!

​Think about it…

“Your thoughts create your reality.” Right? You’ve heard it, I’m sure.

So you do the affirmations, work on your mindset, try all the modalities for shifting those limiting beliefs… yet your BIG dreams still go unmanifested. Why?

Because all of the affirmations, vision boards, intention-setting and “trying” will fail without this one thing: a simple process that calls on Divine principles and works in alignment with your beautiful Creatrix brain.


The Core Manifesting Process

There IS a process present in ALL manifesting –whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

Most people use this process unconsciously, to manifest what they DON’T want!

But when you understand it… and you follow through and do YOUR part in the working…

… you begin to call in precisely what you want, when you want it, with ease and consistently.

The Core Manifesting Process works because it accounts for BOTH aspects of ourselves that are present every time we set out to manifest:

  • Our Divine Nature including the natural laws, which govern the Universe.
  • Our Human Nature – how to work with our brain, feminine body and very human wiring to consciously call in what we seek (instead of blocking it).

Once you learn discover the Core Manifesting Process, you'll see how it is not just the way manifestation really works, but is in fact how the process of transformation really goes down.

You’ll find yourself using it over and over, for years to come – not just to manifest your Desires, but to shift deep patterns and blocks that have been dogging you for years!

Shasta Townsend
Best–selling Author, Marriage Mechanic and the Creator of The Rich and Satisfying Relationship Blueprint |

“I’m on my way to 7-figures… amazing.”

“The first time I heard Elizabeth speak, I said to myself: ‘Whoa – who IS this woman? She talks how-to business strategy and mindset techniques grounded in Essence in a way I have never heard before.’

I instantly signed up for her 90-day program, and thanks to the clear steps AND amazing mindset tools based in metaphysics, Feminine Magic® and grounded Essence, I was able to ease-fully and joyfully create my first high-end program: The Rich and Satisfying Relationship Blueprint AND earn $20,000 during its launch week.

Now, I’m in her high-end mastermind, where her leadership and her dedication to easeful abundance, embodied feminine power and radiant self-mastery allowed me to release any old money blocks and heal my “I’m too much – just shut up” story – in the first month.

I am on my way to 7-figures AND feeling clear, on fire with passion, and standing in my heart-centered purpose. I am grateful for Elizabeth’s unique combination of business savvy and metaphysical teachings that ensure I am standing in my Goddess Nature every darn day and modeling that to my clients, my community and my family. Amazing.

Marcelle della Faille

“I manifested what I thought was my last Desire…”

‘For quite some time I had followed Elizabeth’s posts about her rituals and the way she naturally uses magic in her business. I wanted to do it more myself. So in 2015 (last year), I decided to integrate magic into my business and life.

As a result, I manifested more money than ever before, not only through my clients and programs, but also through opening to other revenue streams. I’ve seen big amounts of money coming my way, new ideal clients, new ways of opening myself to manifesting abundance and harmony in my team, and building a community of people who come to me because I help them add magic in their business and lives as well.

And I manifested what I thought would be my last Desire: my Dream Home, my little Paradise on Earth… and be a millionaire.

All of this began with Elizabeth’s Feminine Magic® program. When I need more of it, I connect to Elizabeth for her grounded ways of doing business like a Goddess.”

How it all started: my journey to work magic in my own life
(and in so doing, bring it to YOU)

Today I can truly say that I love my life.

I’m blessed with a 7-figure business that serves thousands of women. I’m happily married to my true love, Leland. Four years ago, we welcomed the joy of our lives, our daughter Brigit Aurelia.

I have family and friends all over the world, I take plenty of time off, and I’ve spent the past 4 years raising our daughter while working from home.

But just a few short years ago, my life looked much different. I’d quit my cushy J-O-B in New York City to follow my calling, only to face a downward spiral of FEAR…

Within months of quitting, I was nearly broke – we’d burned through $30k in savings and were living off credit cards! I hit rock-bottom, and made an all-or-nothing decision to be successful.

As a student of Western magic, I intuitively knew the answer WASN’T going to be found in yet another book on marketing! So I dug deep into magic, feminine spirituality, everything I’d learned about thought, psychology, the science of the brain, and the principles of feminine energy. I sketched out a simple system to manifest a result – in this case, get clients and make money quickly.

The Result: $20,000 in 30 days, starting from near-zero, which led to my first 6 figures in 6 months. Then, multi-six-figures in a year. Then, high 6-figures, then 7-figures.

Since then I’ve used these feminine manifesting principles to…

  • Attract additional revenue streams, including a residual income channel collaborating with high-vibe women I love that brings me a significant sum (mid-5- figures) for my investments every year
  • Help me drop 25 lbs (I manifested the perfect eating plan for me)
  • Attract the healers and modalities that allowed me to finally transform debilitating patterns that pushed people away in relationships (this brought my husband and I so much closer)
  • Attract the exact right person to co-create a life-long dream – to lead a tour of powerful women to the mystery schools of ancient Egypt (we’re booked for Sept 2018)
  • Make it waaaay easier to call in just about everything I set out to create in my business and life, be it money, the right people or the right opportunities
  • Have a lot more FUN in my life, including TONS of free time to hang with my husband and daughter
  • And so much more!

And our clients have experienced profound transformation of their own, including:

  • Enroll high-end clients at $15,000 and up.
  • Go from freaking out about money to feeling hugely supported by the Universe and mastering the art of manifesting money “on demand.”
  • Leave their day jobs behind for the calling of their Desire… and experiencing healthy 4-figure and even 5-figure months right out of the gate!
  • Create an abundance of income and support that allows them to take time off, travel, or even move abroad.
  • Quickly bringing forward a substantial body of work – programs and products at the heart of their mission that become generous revenue streams for years to come.

I’m not sharing these successes to impress you, but to impress UPON you what is possible for YOU. You don’t have to be perfect, have a ton of experience or have it all figured out for magic to help you amp up your personal power, attract abundance and live your destiny in a BIG way.

I've taken my 20 years of magical study and practice, and created a program I'm can’t wait to share!


A course in practical magic for conscious women.

I created the The School of Manifesting because NOW is the time for YOU to claim your birthright as the Powerful Creatrix you are.

In The School of Manifesting, I’ll teach you to…

  • Get clear on what you TRULY want and Desire (instead of what someone else wants for you) and craft powerful outcomes you can actually manifest.
  • Use The Core Manifesting Process (the hidden “HOW” of manifesting), to call in every desire that is aligned with your purpose.
  • Quickly and permanently shift limiting beliefs and “stuck points” (manifestation and transformation follow the same process).
  • Manifest any amount of money with ease.
  • Hear the voice of your Desire (the part of you that wishes to grow, change and evolve to higher levels of greatness) over the chatter of the ego and ONLY take action on your truth.
  • Draw on the right balance of feminine and masculine energies to stay balanced, in your power and manifest results without burning out.
  • Create consistent results in all areas of your life with feminine grace and power.

Mastering the art of manifestationespecially in the area of finances – is absolutely required for you, the spirit-led, conscious woman, to live into your greatness and destiny.

So I’m going to teach you exactly how to cultivate the feminine manifesting powers you were born with, and use a simple process that allows you to DO less and CREATE more.

Each of the practices can easily be incorporated into your daily life without taking a ton of time. You’ll also receive powerful energy activations and clearings to compliment your conscious work and make it even easier to magnetize your Desires.

A quick note: if you're worried that this concept of "magic" may contradict your own belief system, I want to reassure you: the concepts I'm teaching here are based on Universal Laws—like Cause and Effect. They work because they are ever-present in our universe.

Here's just a taste of what you'll receive when you upgrade:

Module 1: Claim Your Birthright as a Powerful Creatrix

Every woman is gifted with the ability to manifest. Yet from the moment we're born, we pick up beliefs and create patterns that prevent us from going for what we really want. You still have that innate ability to create exactly what you want – without the struggle! This is where you reconnect with it.

You’ll discover:

  • Why manifesting seems to work in some situations (and not in others), and what you can do about it.
  • Why it IS possible to get exactly what you want, now.
  • How to use 4 Core Magical Tools to make things happen—without the struggle.
  • The Core Manifesting Process, a repeatable system to manifest exactly what you Desire, every time.
  • A simplified version of the Core Manifesting Process you can use in an instant – anytime, anywhere.
  • And more.

Your energy activation: Claim Your Birthright as a Powerful Creatrix – to call forward the manifesting powers already present within you!

Module 2: Crystal Clear Outcomes: Activating the Power of Desire

Do you know what you want? I mean, really know? Clarity – crystal clarity - is an essential step in manifesting what you Desire. The best part is, when you have it, it empowers you to begin taking aligned action toward your dreams.

You’ll discover:

  • Steps you can take, starting immediately, to begin manifesting what you Desire.
  • The difference between Intention, Decision, and Command, and when to use each one to manifest what you want.
  • Why NOT knowing how to visualize is not a deal-breaker and why and how anyone can gain clarity (yes, even if you don't know how to visualize).
  • My personal process for setting intentions that manifest.
  • And more!

Your Energy Activation: Claim Your Desires and Give Yourself Permission To Have What You Want

Module 3: Let Go to Let In: Activating the Power of Releasing & Clearing

To manifest something new, there is ALWAYS something to clear, release or let go of. Without letting go of the old, you will never create the new.

You’ll discover:

  • A step-by-step process for letting go of old belief patterns that stop you from getting what you want, even if you feel like you're "stuck."
  • An exercise that will help you begin the process of forgiveness, immediately, so you can let go of old wounds and begin creating new opportunities.
  • The one "need" that stops you from manifesting your true Desires.
  • What to do about toxic relationships.
  • How to activate the power of trust and surrender.
  • And more.

Your Energy Activation: Cord Cutting and Energetic Clearing.

Module 4: The Miracle Mindset: Activating the Power of Belief & Possibilities

Everything you want is already in your world! The problem is that you don't see it… yet. Here, you'll learn to shift your belief system to impact and empower your most powerful magical tool: your perception.

You’ll discover:

  • Exactly how to construct a new belief system (which, in turn, empowers you to begin creating new opportunities and results).
  • How to consciously create the "new you" - the true you - who is ready to receive everything you're learning to manifest (hint: if you remain the same person you are now, you'll keep getting the same results—so this transformation is critical).
  • Why your subconscious sometimes sabotages your best efforts, and how to ensure it's in alignment with your Desires, so you can truly move forward.
  • How to visualize, including the most effective way to visualize so that you actually attract what you want.
  • And more!

Your Energy Activations: Re-writing New Beliefs and Taking Your Magical Name.

Module 5: A Magnet for All Things Ideal: Activating the Power of Vibration and Feminine Energy

As women, we're natural conduits for this radiant, magnetic energy. But there are forces at work that get in the way of our living at the high vibration of that energy. The good news is that you can create a high-vibration environment in which your new energy can thrive. I'll show you how.

You’ll discover:

  • Why you don't attract the things you believe you want … plus, what you can change so you finally attract more of what you want to attract.
  • Common misconceptions about the Law of Vibration, and how to properly work with this law to call in your Desires.
  • 3 ways to create an Empowered State (and how to pull yourself out of a downward spiral).
  • Powerful feminine secrets for keeping your energy clean and your frequency high, even after you've been "triggered."
  • How your thoughts are affecting what the Universe gives you (and what you can do about it).
  • And more!

Your Energy Activation: Your Highest Frequency (Reset Your Setpoint).

Module 6: Receiving The Way: Activating the Power of Co-Creation & Surrender

Tired of “doing” so much? “Doing it all” is actually counter-productive to manifestation. The information in this module will help you "unlearn" the do-it-all mentality, so you can take aligned action to get more of what you want, more quickly, more easily.

You’ll discover:

  • HOW to “let go of the how”! Why it’s not your job to figure out HOW something is going to happen, and what you must do instead to be SHOWN the exact “how.”
  • How to get comfortable being “in the mystery”– that uncomfortable time and space before your manifestations arrive – so you don’t block your miracles.
  • How to create a partnership of co-creation with the Divine.
  • The secret to non-attachment: staying in that most magnetic of states so your Desires flow to you.
  • And more.

Your Energy Activation: Becoming the Vessel That The Divine Can Work Through

Module 7: Allowing It In: Activating the Power of Faith & Aligned Action

So many high-achieving women believe they key is “doing it all” so end up overwhelmed, depleted, and forever "behind." Sound familiar? In this module, you'll discover how to take the shortest, fastest path to manifesting your Desires – without burnout or struggle.

You’ll discover:

  • The one element aligned action requires, and how to develop it so everything you do moves you closer to what you Desire.
  • The difference between acting and DO-ing, and why you must master this in order to overcome the old belief systems that have kept you in overwork.
  • What "bumps in the road" really mean, and how to access the faith you need to navigate them.
  • What to do when you feel like it's "not working."
  • A simple system to make even the most complicated decisions with ease, speed, clarity, and confidence.
  • And more.

Your Energy Activation: Increasing Your Capacity to Receive More.

Module 8: Create It With Ease: Activating the Power of Environment and Personal Rituals

We're wired to adapt and model what's happening in our environment … whether we want to, or not! If your environment doesn't align with your Desires, neither will your results. Here, you'll learn how to transform all aspects of your environment into the sacred space that supports you in manifesting precisely what you Desire.

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 distinct elements of your environment that dramatically affect your outcomes (your physical environment is just one—you may not be aware of the other 2 or how they're affecting your results).
  • The deadly "environmental pollutant" that is probably poisoning your space right now—and exactly what you can do to clean it up right away.
  • ​The power of personal rituals in easy-breazy manifestation.
  • How to create the beauty and luxury your feminine spirit craves (even on a shoestring budget).
  • And more.

Your Energy Activation: Creating Empowering Boundaries. Plus, we’ll end this module with a very special Feminine Magic® initiation ritual!

You’ll Discover How Manifesting Really Works, And Master A Complete System Of Ancient Wisdom And Cutting Edge Tools To Make Your Biggest Dreams Real, In ALL Areas Of Your Life.

These are the magical tools I used to manifest my way out of debt, to build my business to the $1 million mark, and to guide many of my clients in reaching their dreams. And I use them every day.

With what you’ll learn in this home study program, you’ll have the spiritual and practical tools to create the life you truly want … whatever your Desires may be.

You learn how to BE more, and DO less.

Sounds pretty incredible, doesn't it?

Esther Loke

“2 high-end clients in less than a week…”

‘The The School of Manifesting has changed my mindset, my beliefs and my entire being. I had 2 clients sign up with me in less than a week to my high-end program and it just felt so easy.

The message I received from Art of Feminine Magic was: “You become who you think you are.” I was walking around with a sense of lack and undeserving for many years up till last month. Until I made a decision to own it and believe that I am awesome, nothing happened for me. In just one month, I’ve gotten more inquiries and clients than I’ve ever had.

I realize now that I don’t have to struggle, because whatever I need is within me. I have a choice. I could either keep surviving or rise up to thrive. I choose the latter!

Thank you!”

Linda Bard

“Dang, that Goddess knows how to manifest!”

‘Since working with Elizabeth, I have written an international best-selling book, manifested several high-visibility speaking opportunities, partnered with some incredible coaches, and am connecting with an on-going stream of clients who honor and pay me well for my intuitive wisdom because “I get them.” But more importantly, because of this work of Feminine Magic®, I GET ME.

If you’re wondering how to bring your best self forward (and not go down the rabbit hole in the process), Elizabeth helps you tune in to receiving what is already inside of you waiting to be expressed. Ready to shift the way you live in the world? I’m not saying Elizabeth has the Universe on speed dial, but dang, that goddess knows how to manifest!”

When you UPGRADE to The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting homestudy program, you’ll receive...

  • 8 content modules breaking down the Core Manifesting Process and the basics of Feminine Magic®
  • 8 Pre-recorded Energy Activations, to activate and subconsciously anchor each week's teachings so you can quickly integrate and embody your Feminine Creative Power
  • 8 recordings of LIVE Q+A sessions, loaded with insights and answered questions from live participants
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group, a high-vibe environment open 24/7 where your sisters in magic hang out… and where you can stay connected and get your questions answered.

Plus you’ll receive the following bonuses:

  • BONUS 1: The Art of Manifesting Money Training (Money Manifestation Formula 2.0) VALUE: $997
    Use this simple system to manifest money, whenever you need or Desire it.
  • BONUS 2: The Art of Creating Your Tribe: How to Call in Friends, Lovers, and Support Team. VALUE: $497
    Use this process to attract the perfect people into your life for every situation, be it a friend, date, soul mate, dream client or team member!
  • BONUS 3: Accelerated Manifesting Techniques VALUE: $497
    The advanced manifesting practices that I personally use when I have a big intention or Desire that I wish to manifest quickly. Includes techniques I haven't shared anywhere else.

Now, you may be wondering how much you’ll invest for this life-changing magical training.

The question is…

How Much Is The Power To Manifest Whatever

You Set Your Sights On Really Worth to You?

Consider all this program will deliver when you play full-out.

You discover how to get clarity about what you really want, and then to manifest it.

You get reacquainted with your True Self, your Essence, and then you're going to learn, step-by-step, how to manifest exactly what you Desire, no matter what that is.

You discover how to create the exact results in your life you’ve been wanting – how to make the BIG dreams (starting a business, leaving a job, traveling the world) finally happen.

You learn the foundation for living your soul’s highest purpose in the world.

You Finally Discover How to Consistently and Predictably Manifest Your Deepest Desires…
So You Can Experience All You’re Meant to Experience in This Lifetime.

How much is that worth to you?

$10,000? $5,000?

I believe it’s priceless, but because we want to make it as easy as possible to say yes to this life-changing program, I’m doing something unprecedented…

I’m giving you a savings of well over $700 OFF the regular investment of $1497 when you upgrade now. Plus I’m giving you one of the most generous payment plans ever.

Imagine how quickly you’ll be able to earn that investment back when your manifesting skills are fully activated (remember, I manifested $20,000 in business in less than 30 days, and paid off $120,000 in credit card debt in a fraction of the time).

When you’re finally living and working in alignment with your True Self, with your Essence, just imagine how much more effectively you’ll be able to create results in your life, without struggle.

Now, I want you to consider this:

If you don’t invest in yourself, in your future,
and in mastering the skills of feminine manifestation
(in this program or elsewhere), what will your life
look like 10 years from now?

Without truly mastering the ability to manifest, once and for all… you risk remaining stuck, missing out on your dream, dying with the music still inside you.

Can you afford NOT to learn this valuable skill set?

Personally, I don’t think so. Which is why I’m making it easy for you to say YES to this powerful work, and fully integrate it into your life… so you can see the results you Desire.

My invitation to you: take a FULL YEAR to use this work and incorporate it into your life. If you don’t manifest results, I’ll give you a refund.

I’ve spent the last 20 years studying, practicing, teaching and embodying the principles of magic. I’m devoting my life to getting this work out there because I know how life-changing it really is. At this pivotal time for women, it’s THAT important.

And I fully stand by everything that I teach. I know that if you take this system to heart, live it, and do the work required, you’ll see results.

So here’s my guarantee…

I invite you to say YES and take a full year from the date of enrollment to implement these practices and the 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan. If, after you’ve given this work an honest shot (this means actually DOING the practices for a period of time and being willing to work through your blocks), and completing the 30-day plan, you don’t feel I’ve delivered on this promise, simply send us your completed 30-day plan and a checklist of all that you’ve tried, and we’ll happily refund 100% your money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We require the completed 30-Day Plan and a list of the work you’ve done before refunding. Why? Because we know that if you sincerely work this program, you’ll get results. It’s that simple.

That’s how much I stand by this work, and how much I believe in YOU to create the success you Desire. And that’s how much I want you to say YES and join us!

So, are you ready to join us, or do you still have questions?

To help you decide if this is the next powerful step in your journey, following are my answers to some of the questions I hear most frequently:

You're talking about "magic," here. But is there really such a thing? How can I be sure that what you're teaching will work in the very real world in which I live?

I am not sure I have time for this course. I am so busy, how can I justify the time investment?

I am tight on cash. How can I justify this investment?

This sounds like a lot of what's been cover in other programs I've taken.

I've tried programs like this before, and they haven't worked. How is this one different? How can I be sure it will work for me?

Yes, Elizabeth, I'm ready to UPGRADE to the complete

Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting home study program.

I understand that I’ll receive:

  • 8 content modules breaking down the Core Manifesting Process and the basics of Feminine Magic®. (Value: $1997)
  • 8 Pre-recorded Energy Activations, to activate and subconsciously anchor each week’s teachings (Value: $497)
  • 8 recordings of LIVE Q+A sessions, loaded with insights and answered questions from live participants (Value: $497)
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group, a high-vibe environment, open 24/7, where my sister Powerful Creatrixes hang out … and where I can stay connected and get my questions answered. (Value: $297)

Plus, these bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: The Art of Manifesting Money Training (Money Manifestation Formula 2.0) (Value: $997)
  • Bonus 2: The Art of Creating Your Tribe Training (How to Call in Friends, Lovers, and Support Team) (Value: $497)
  • Bonus 3: Accelerated Manifesting Techniques (Value: $497)

Total Value: $5776

Your Investment: $697 OR 8 payments of $97

This offer expires on at 11:59pm.

Which No-Risk Payment Option Would You Like?

This offer expires on at 11:59pm.

This is it!

Right now, you have an opportunity … an opportunity to finally get the tools you need to manifest what you truly Desire.

You have an opportunity to discover the magic of reconnecting with your Essence, your True Self.

You have the opportunity to bring forward your highest self-expression … who you are and the work you do in the world.

Will you take aligned action and step into your highest self-expression?

Or will you carry on as you have been, wishing for more but not knowing how to make it happen?

I know which choice I’d make for you, if I could …

If you’re ready to experience miracles, enroll in The School of Manifesting now.

With love and magic,

Elizabeth Purvis

P.S. If you’re worried about the time investment, here, remember that this program is not about DO-ing more. In fact, it’s about DO-ing less, and instead embracing your Divine Essence so you can BE magnetic and let your Desires flow to you. It’s truly magic … and I’d love to be your guide and magical teacher. Enroll now to experience the magic for yourself.

P.P.S. It’s now or never for your dream, right? It’s time to get in touch with your Essence and live the life that will truly fulfill your spirit! Get started here.

Amunet J. Burgueno

“Manifesting more of what I want…”

“Because of the powerful mindset shift that occurred as a result of Elizabeth’s Feminine Magic® program, I have stepped more fully into my life, have grown spiritually, and am manifesting more of what I want. Elizabeth has helped me expand my business, help more people, and create life-changing programs.”

Kelly Lubeck, MPH, RYT

“Tools to create the freedom in my life I’ve been dreaming of…”

‘Discovering Elizabeth’s work set me on a new path in so many ways. Her manifestation and mindset teachings, combined with her business expertise, helped me turn my vision for a spiritual business into reality. Within the first two weeks of my launch, I manifested my first client at an investment equal to what I’d made in client sessions the two years prior!

Since then I’ve continued to attract the opportunities, clients and mentors that I’ve needed to advance on my path. I also learned the importance – and the power – of not just attracting the opportunities but following them through with decisive action. For me it was all about stepping into a new way of BE-ing and aligning with the truth of who I am and my power to create – this was HUGE.

The fact that I’ve been able to make it work for 5 years while balancing multiple priorities as a single mom is a whole lot of magic! I now have the tools to create the freedom in my life that I have been dreaming of!”

Emmeline Chang
Founder, The JoyFULL Path

“$30k in one day… and it was easy, light and joyful.”

‘Through working with Elizabeth and the principles of Feminine Magic®, I truly got–deep in my body–that how I’m being affects my business just as much (or more than!) the external actions I take. I learned how to shift my energy to get out of the constant ups and downs. Once I made this shift, the effect was huge: My whole approach to my business transformed. I made $30K in one day–and it was easy, light, and joyful!

I know now how simple it can be to reach my goals. Instead of scattering my energy on a “to do” list that’s ten miles long, I am focused on the big steps–the game-changers that will make a dramatic difference for my business and life. I’m writing a book on how sacred play can help people find and fulfill their visions, and I’m getting my message into the world in a bigger way.

And of course there are other benefits: my home is more beautiful, I get more sleep, and I bring more of my brilliance to my clients. (Their results have gone to a new level as well–they are bringing their creative visions to life and making more money than ever before!)

I’m grateful and excited for all that’s to come!”